BSE incorporated

We are listed in the BSE incorporated on 27/4/81.


25 years

We are over 25 years in business, was incorporated in 1981



We are specialed in our business working standard and working culture


SVA India Ltd

SVA India Ltd is a public listed conglomerate which was incorporated in 1981 under the guidance of the Late Shri Mahabir Prasad Gupta. Today, the company has business interests in Food and Chemical industries. The company works under exclusive import partnerships with companies around Asia to distribute their food products across India.

SVA India Ltd. is a public limited Company, listed in the BSE incorporated on 27/4/81, with over 25 years in business


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More About us

Our company has tied up with a Sri Lankan company, UCA Lanka Pvt. Ltd. (www.ucalanka.com) since 2007 and is the sole distributor for the company’s entire production. The product handled is Zinc Oxide, a non-hazardous powder used in Ceramic, Rubber, Paints, Electroplating, Pharmaceuticals and many other uses. We organize the raw material as well as organize the sale of the finished products. The company also provides technical and other support for which the company is suitably compensated by way of commission.

Operational Excellence

All of which is reflected in the quality of our results.

Innovative solutions

Company provide outstanding service through teamwork.

Targeting and Positioning

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