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With an ever growing demand for healthier food products, SVA India Ltd. has introduced a range of fruit & nut bars, dried fruit pieces, juices, smoothies, fruits and desiccated coconuts. These products will provide healthier food options to the Indian market as well as develop a niche by offering flavors and quality that are unavailable in the market.

Fruit & Nut Bars: Introducing a new range of Fruit & Nut bars containing real pieces of fruits and nuts ranging from pieces of mango, banana, pineapple, cashew nuts, sesame, and many more in a wide range of bars. These bars are made using date syrup rather than sugar to ensure there are no added calories and reducing fat content of the bars down to 1.8%. Each bar is 40 grams in content to ensure that it is filling and provides a substantial amount of nutrition.

Juices: Introducing a range of nectar based (purely natural) juices in a range of fascinating flavors such as Wood apple, Star fruit, Passion fruit and Ginger & Lime. Containing 0% fat, these juices will liven up your mornings.

Smoothies: With the demand for smoothies increasing in metros and other cities, we offer some exclusive and enjoyable flavors such as Mangosteen and Guava with the promise of offering more flavors very soon!

Dried Fruits: Your favorite fruits are now available on the go all the time. Actual pieces of fruits are dried to remove the moisture and allow the fruits to last longer and taste good!

Sauces: Taprobana Foods enters the market with a range of brand new flavors such as Red Bell Pepper Sauce, Pineapple BBQ and Mango BBQ to bring a tangy twist to all your foods. Made from fresh bell peppers, the Red Bell Pepper Sauce is slated to hit every household very soon!

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