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At SVA we pride ourselves on our digital portfolio. We help our clients build their digital presence and help them maximize their business potential. Our dedicated team of expert content specialists, designers and digital community and reputation managers help our customers capture newer digital terrains, identify potential leads and help in conversions.


  • Content Strategy: We understand that each of our clients are unique and their content must reflect their individuality. Long term and short term, we create holistic content strategies to suit our clients’ brand and positioning, helping them find a voice in today’s cluttered market.

  • Content Creation: Right from static digital artworks to video production and photo shoots, our in-house production team offers suitable content creation solutions. SVA digital’s budget-no-bar approach to content creation helps in creating custom production plans to our clients to fit their needs.

  • Advertising & Media Buys: We have cracked the code to invest in the right avenues of digital advertising. Armed with in-depth data analytics tools, SVA digital helps its clients only tap into the right sources of ads that promise returns that can match investments.

  • KRA and KPI tracking: No content strategy or advertising plan can be deemed successful until it can measured against goals and metrics of growth. We help our clients scale up their digital presence with integrated KRA and KPI tracking to suit long term and short term goals.


We specialize in nurturing relevant communities for our clients - be it creating online communities or integrating offline communities with the brand’s current digital goals.

Our 24x7 reputation management team helps in scanning overall customer reception by digital communities. In addition, we also help create specialized communication audits along with crisis management protocols for our customers. We believe in being proactive and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to reputation and community management. Our tech-savvy digital team is equipped to deliver prompt replies and help boost our clients’ public image and goodwill in the digital space.


We at SVA understand the important role that Social Media influencers play in today’s digital market. They are the key players shaping trends and influencing public opinon about products and services.

SVA digital helps identify the right kind of influencers for our clients. Right from scanning key influencers, mapping competitor associations, influencer outreach to negotiating commercials, we offer end-to-end influencer management services. We also help in strategizing and creating collaborated content with partner influencers. Additionally, we help in tracking the performance of the collaborated digital assets and help the brand understand ROI on each association.

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